2019 UPDATE!

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Greetings Kids!

I kind of forgot I had this website for about 3 years now – mostly because I have a new, better one at WWW.DOUGSAKMANN.COM! But somehow people are still seeing this page on a regular basis so HELLO to you all! If you are old friends or new, if you want to reach out my NEW main email address is DougSakmann@gmail.com.

As an update to what’s going on with me now, I was just featured by the Philadelphia Film Office in their Filmmaker Spotlight this month so I figured I would share that with you all! And for more regular updates on my more recent projects, stay tuned to www.dougsakmann.com !


Doug Sakmann is an award-winning producer and director living in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from Queens NY, over the last twenty years Sakmann has produced over forty feature films as well as many TV projects, music videos, short films & commercials. Doug is also an accomplished SPFX Artist and FX Supervisor, creating monsters and horrific blood & gore FX for all types of projects around the world.

Recently released, Sakmann produced and coordinated FX for the feature horror film from director Michael Walker ‘’Cut Shoot Kill‘. His upcoming SPFX projects include the psychological thriller ‘The Honeymoon Phase’ as well as the creature feature ‘D-Railed’. Sakmann also directed a new music video for the band Cannibal Corpse which will be released in conjunction with their Spring 2019 tour with Slayer. All of these projects were produced in the Philadelphia area.

Doug got his start in the industry by working with legendary indie film studio Troma Entertainment alongside Lloyd Kaufman, Troma president and creator of The Toxic Avenger. 20 years later, Sakmann continues to work in Tromaville as he has co-produced Kaufman’s latest film, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tempest – ‘Shakespeare’s $hitstorm’, and is now producing and starring in a sequel to one of Troma’s more successful films in it’s 45 year history – ‘Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.’. Currently in development in Philadelphia, ‘Kabukiman Returns’ features Sakmann as the Japanese superhero Kabukiman and his alter-ego Harry Griswold.

To see examples of Doug’s Special FX, click here   For more on Sakmann’s various projects and contact – http://www.dougsakmann.com



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To those of you who still find this website through the interwebs, I have updated my URL and have a new site that I do more regular updates on – my personal resume and production portfolio is now at WWW.DOUGSAKMANN.COM!

And as of this writing the NYC Zombie Crawl is now in it’s 10th year as one of the East Coast’s premiere zombie organizations and you can keep up to date on our events at WWW.NYCZOMBIECRAWL.COM!

Check out my personal SFPX Reel as well as our production reel below to see some of our recent work and stay up to date on what i’m up to at the above websites!

Much love!


Fall 2014 Update – Mad Zombies Yo!

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It’s been over a year since I have updated this site and a lot has happened since! As always I’ve hosted a ton of zombie events (the next one being this Saturday Oct 11th) and we’re now in our 8th year with the NYC Zombie Crawl.  We’ve made some movies, TV shows, music videos and more and I will update this site when I can but for now you can keep up to date in 2 main places – the NYC Zombie Crawl website and our new website for my production company Backseat Conceptions (we’re getting into our 13th year as a company!) We’ve got tons of new production services, some cameras and equipment for rent and of course our trademark, The Backseat Bus.

Until I get a chance to update more, I’ll leave you with some zombie videos from our events over the last year, shot by our official videographer Rollersteady who shoots while on rollerblades!

Coney Island Zombie Day with the Brooklyn Cyclones

Spring 2014 NYC Zombie Crawl in Brooklyn

Drop Dead Goregeous Beauty Pageant at Beauty Bar NYC

Fall 2013 NYC Zombie Crawl in Manhattan


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Hey kids! Have had a lot happening over the summer, I’ll give a proper update soon but the time is fast approaching where I become the Zombie Ringleader for a few months! The NYC Zombie Crawl has many ghoulish and gory events coming up over the next 2 months and this is just the beginning! We’re kicking it off with NYC Mets Zombie Day on Friday, September 13th! I’m not a big sports guy but I grew up with the Mets so this is an honor!!
More events and details in the coming weeks but here’s some dates to mark your calendars! Stay tuned to the website for details!

Saturday September 28th – Motorcycle Film Festival afterparty with NYC Zombie Crawl

Sunday, October 13th – 7th Annual NYC Zombie Crawl in Manhattan! Also afterparty for NY Comiccon!

October 16-18th – 5th Annual Stripping Dead event in Chicago at the Admiral Theater

It’s official, the NYC Zombie Crawl will be taking over Citi Field on Friday the 13th of September with Troma Entertainment and ‘Return To Nuke Em High : Vol 1‘! Come hang out with Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team and see some sneak preview scenes from the upcoming movie, hang out with a ton of zombies and see a Mets game! This exclusive link will get you half price tickets and access to all the pre-game zombie events! Details below!


You can also call Josh Roth at 718-559-3160 to get tickets at the full discounted rate of $39 by mentioning the NYC Zombie Crawl!

Join the New York Mets for the FIRST EVER Zombie Night at Citi Field on Friday , September 13 sponsored by Run for Your Lives!

    • The first 150 people to enter the Bullpen Gate will receive an exclusive Premiere Showing of the Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1 Trailer and preview clips, as well as a question and answer session with director Lloyd Kaufman and the actors and producers in Citi Field’s Auditorium.
    • The first 1,000 people to purchase this exclusive offer will also receive an autograph session in the Bullpen Plaza and free entry into our #ZombieCiti raffle.
    • Learn more about upcoming Zombie Events like the Run For Your Lives 5K Zombie obstacle course.
    • Ticket price includes a $5 donation to the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an organization helping to support individuals suffering from brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal disorders.

Be part of first Zombie Night in all of major league sports! Tasteful (that is to say – no deceased celebrities or provocative), zombie costumes are encouraged.


Stay Tuned to www.nyczombiecrawl.com for up-to-date news!

Summer 2013 Update!

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Hey kids! It’s been quite awhile since my last update, been doing a lot of traveling, live events and general insanity so here are some links to keep up-to-date on my goings on:

– We’ve been doing the convention and film festival circuit with ‘Cross Bearer‘ and ‘The Cemetery‘ – next up is Days of the Dead in Indianapolis (July 5-7) and Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky (July 26-28). Click the movie names to links to the official sites with info on the screenings.

– I returned to the Cannes Film Festival with Troma Entertainment to ‘Occupy Cannes‘ and promote the new Troma flick, ‘Return to Nuke Em High: Vol 1’ which I worked on last year. It was my first time back full force with the Troma Team at Cannes in many years and it felt like I never left! Professional insanity at it’s finest, we garnered press from all over the world from our promotional antics on the French Riveria, much of which you can see here!

– While at Cannes, I also repped our Backseat Conceptions 2013 catalog (which you can check out here), we sold ‘Cross Bearer‘ and ‘The Cemetery‘ to Germany with Illusions Unltd. and have quite a few more deals in the works for many of our flicks!

– We had our 7th annual NYC Zombie Crawl springtime edition in Brooklyn which was a great success! Thanks to all the zombies and participating groups, you can see the full wrap up HERE! While in France we also teamed up with the Cannes Zombie Walk and did a French Zombie Crawl as well, you can see photos and press HERE!

– I started directing and producing a series of live event videos for Pabst Blue Ribbon called ‘All Access Pabst’ , you can check out the videos on the AAP Youtube page!

– We’re working on finishing up ‘Punk Rock Holocaust 3‘, our pal Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) did some amazing poster art which was colored by Cabz – more on this coming soon!

– The NYC Zombie Crawl has been producing a series of ‘Zombie Raves with Webster Hall, the next being on July 3rd – more info at www.zombierave.com

I don’t know when the next time I will get to update the site this summer but if you keep up with the links above you can see what I’m up to – also my Facebook page and Twitter is updated more regularly!

Until we bleed again…

Cannes2013 349
The Cannes Troma Army in Full Effect Occupying Cannes!

Cannes2013 348
Sgt Kabukiman NYPD returns to France!

Cannes2013 347
With the Kaufman family – Lloyd’s daughters Charlotte and Lisbeth joined the Troma Team to produce the ‘Occupy Cannes’ documentary!

Cannes Zombies unite with the NYC Zombie Crawl!
The amazing Punk Rock Holocaust 3 poster!!

Cross Bearer and The Cemetery in Pittsburgh March 14-17

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Cross Bearer is having its official Pittsburgh preview screening in part with this very special event! Hosted by CB lead actress Natalie Jean and Mr.Arm from the incomparable Trundle Manor, Trundle Manor Presents Wunder Sleaze is a kaleidoscope of smut that will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You can see the invite and RSVP on Facebook here!

I will be there with with Natalie and director Adam Ahlbrandt, bringing with us The Backseat Bus and Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filters!


Natalie, Adam I will also be at the Horror Realm Convention March 15-17th at the Pittsburgh Crown Plaza promoting Cross Bearer and The Cemetery, which will also have it’s first sneak preview on March 16th!


‘Cross Bearer’ recieving rave reviews! New Website!

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The horror flick I produced and did special effects for with Adam Ahlbrandt and Natalie Jean is making the rounds, playing at film festivals and recieving rave reviews! Here is what some of the critics have to say;

“An apt about-face for the (slasher) genre. A showcase of gore effects reminiscent of a darker, more modern Herschell Gordon Lewis. There are no pretty bows to wrap up Cross Bearer (including its lingering and effective ending), but it’s a slasher that takes responsibility for its sins and has a hell of a time doing it.”
– Patrick Dolan – Rue Morgue

“This is a slasher film that absolutely knows no bounds and grabs you by your throat and does not let you go. After watching this film, I need to take a bath and wash off all the grime and seek out therapy. I am impressed by this film… this is not the future of film, this is today and right fucking now.”
– James D – WickedChannel.com

“A really cool homage to old school horror films. Mysterious, simplistic, and suspenseful – a grungy, dirty version of a classic horror film – I have to say, director Adam Ahlbrandt could easily knock Rob Zombie out of the market if he could acquire bigger budgets.”
Horror Society

“Director Adam Ahlbrandt‘s dark and twisted tale left nothing to the imagination. The scenery and unnerving soundtrack gave life to some graphic bloody death scenes…this is pretty much what I look for when watching horror.”

The DVD is on sale now at the new OFFICIAL WEBSITE along with BTS videos, photos and much more! Check out the grindhouse style trailer released by Fangoria last week below! NSFW!