Bloody Lesson 2: Advance gore mixtures!

Yo yo!

It’s been awhile since my last blog here, we had a crazy week of XXXorcist screenings then I fell into an editing/post production phase for the latest Burning Angel piece, Porny Monster! I’m taking a little break to catch up on some emails, and to talk to you fine folks…

As you may know from my previous blog, over the Halloween week we had a total of 10 public screenings of The XXXorcist in NYC, LA, Philadelphia, Texas and Atlanta, GA. Of those ten screenings, we had 28 reported walkouts (15 in Dallas alone, mostly during the vomit scenes)! People walked out of the original Exorcist too…I wonder if it was for the same reasons?

Anyway, today I’m going to teach you how to make the most useful SPFX substance you’ll ever need. It’s super cheap, much better than ultraslime and tons of fun to make! My pal Kimrick taught me this one. Kimrick works with one of the raddest organizations ever, Survival Research Laboratories (, watch the videos and you will see what I mean), and he was the one responsible for blowing up the Phenomenauts van in Punk Rock Holocaust.

Anyway, I was out in San Francisco shooting for PRH with the Phenomenauts and Kimrick saw me preparing a fake blood and ultraslime mixture. He mentioned that he had made a mixture of a similar consistency for some mucus he was using to play a joke on a friend, and when he showed me how he did it, it opened a whole new realm of cheap special effects to me (and by default, you)!

This amazing mixture has one key ingredient that you can find at any good Asian Market. This is the only type of store that I’ve seen carry it, but they are pretty easy to find. And what is this key ingredient? It’s PIG UTERUS!

Actually, it’s not pig uterus, although pig uterus mixed with this amazing mixture and an assorted kidney or liver makes for some truly disgusting entrails. In fact, nearly anything in the deli display of a true Asian market mixed with this mixture looks pretty sick.

Anyway, the real key ingredient is this: TAPIOCA STARCH!

It’s a little tricky to prepare, and if you do it wrong it can get pretty fucked up and you have to start from scratch, but once you get it down it’s pretty simple. I’m going to try my best to explain in words how to prepare it, but it’s much easier to see it done. If you are really interested in learning how to do this, there is a segment in the Behind the Scenes documentary on the second disc of The XXXorcist that shows how this mixture is made. (Order now from!)

For supplies, you’re going to need a big pot as well as a tea kettle or something you can use to boil and then pour water, as well as a big mixing spoon or stick. If you want to make mucus or an ultraslime substance, you can prepare it clear, or if you want blood, vomit, pus or another bodily fluid you can add the appropriate food coloring to it. You should also have plenty of cleaning supplies, because unless you are really careful this shit is gonna get all over the place, especially if it’s the first time you’re making it.

To start, begin boiling the water in the kettle. As the water is boiling, you can begin to prepare the tapioca starch. Pour some tapioca starch into the pot, but not too much as the stuff will expand a lot with all the water you’re going to be putting in. Take a small amount of cold or regular temperature water and mix it into the tapioca starch with your hands, kneading out all the bumps and rough spots until the tapioca is fully mixed into a liquid. It should look kinda like milk now. Don’t use too much water; only use enough to make the tapioca become liquid. At this point, you would add the food coloring in if you want it a certain color (you can add it in after the mixture is done as well, but it’s a little harder to do it then).

Now that your tapioca is ready to get disgusting, your water in the kettle should be boiling by now. Here’s where the really tricky part comes in. You should turn the oven burner on under the pot with the tapioca, and as you stir the tapioca, add the boiling water slowly to the tapioca. If you are doing it right, within a minute or so you should feel the mixture getting thicker and thicker, almost to the point where you can’t stir it anymore. You can keep adding water until it’s to a consistency of your liking. If you want thicker blood gel like in Punk Rock Holocaust or Re-Penetrator, use less water. If you want a thinner vomit-like mixture, like in The XXXorcist, add more water.

If you did it wrong, either the reaction won’t happen or you’ll just have a bunch of liquid, or sometimes if the tapioca is not mixed all the way you’ll have a bunch of white specks of tapioca mixed in with your mixture (which is not always a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for). Also, you don’t need to have the oven burner on the pot too long while you are mixing, just enough to heat up what you already have in the pot before you add the water. If you leave it on too long, everything at the bottom will burn onto the pot.

Cleaning this stuff out of the pot is a pain in the ass after it’s just been cooked, so either let it soak in hot water and soap or just let the mixture dry up, then you can just pick it out of the pan (the second option is always easier, I’ve found).

I’ve used variations of this simple recipe on all of my personal gory projects as well as a number of films I’ve worked on with great results! There is so much you can do with it! If you use this recipe for your own production, I’d love to hear your experience with it and how it turned out, and if they’re gory, send pictures!

Blood is law!


~ by dougsakmann on January 4, 2008.

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