Slumber Party Slaughterhouse

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In October 2008 I joined forces with Halo-8 and some of our filmmaker friends to put together a Halloween treat for our fans. The result is Slumber Party Slaughterhouse, an interactive movie where viewers answer horror movie trivia questions to advance through the numerous death scenes in the movie. I wrote, produced and directed a scene myself and produced and co-directed Joanna Angel’s segment as well as handled the SPFX in both scenes. It’s a lot of fun!

You can check out the official trailer and get more info as well as buy the movie here!

“Lets gorehounds fulfill their deepest, darkest fantasies.”
-Video Business Magazine

“Slick… high-concept fun.”
– Femme Fatales Magazine

About Slumber Party Slaughterhouse:

Paul Tard has been betrayed by his dumbass friends, and only you can help him get revenge.

Paul is a hapless geek graduating from air conditioner repair school. He’s super excited for the graduation party his friends are throwing… that is, until they uninvite him to the party! It turns out they’ve ordered enough hookers for everyone, but Paul’s bi-curious ex-girlfriend Sally came outta nowhere, pouted to Paul’s friends that she wants a hooker too, and effectively snaked Paul out of his hooker. Life sucks for Paul.

So Paul does what any red-blooded American guy would do… he drowns his sorrows in a bubble bath and brings along his trusty laptop for some internet porn–but he gets a lil bit too excited, drops the laptop in the bathtub, and electrocutes himself to death!

Floating stupidly in his bathtub, Paul is visited by a slasher-film-obsessed Devilgirl who offers him revenge in exchange for his soul. She’ll give him the power to possess the hookers and use their bodies to kill his ex-friends… but first Paul must correctly answer the Devilgirl’s slasher movie trivia questions.

So put your slasher movie knowledge to the test and help Paul take revenge on his backstabbing buddies in this psychotically demented, transgressively twisted, and uncompromisingly bizarre game from a bunch of filmmakers who seriously belong in a mental ward.

Tiffany Shepis
Joanna Angel
Masuimi Max
Melissa Bacelar
Daisy Sparks
Cali Nova
Alister Angel
Morgan Mae

Scenes directed by
Doug Sakmann
Ramzi Abed
Joanna Angel
Kurly Tlapoyawa
Matt Pizzolo

~ by dougsakmann on October 18, 2008.

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