Post-Mortem Pinups

“Femme Fatales in Fatal Positions”
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Post-Mortem photography and SPFX by Doug Sakmann.

The first round of limited edition Post-Mortem Pinups Prints are on sale online right now. You can pick from one of eight deceased models including Joanna Angel, Gia Paloma, Melodie Gore, Page Morgan, Riley Mason, Chapel Waste,  Morgan Mae and Draven Star. More victims to be revealed soon.

Several limited edition series of prints will be released leading up to a Post Mortem Pinup calender and book.

While an unusual practice by modern standards, this type of photography was fairly common up into the late 19th century and early 20th century. During these times, early death, especially the early death of a child, was much more commonplace, and photography was still somewhat of a novelty. This lent societal acceptance to the practice of photographing the dead.

Though some may make the unfortunate mistake of judging these images as being morbid, those with an open mind can see the true beauty beneath the gore.

Check out the series and buy prints at

Melodie Gore – Hit By A Rental Car

~ by dougsakmann on January 13, 2010.

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  1. Nos encanta tu blog, sigue asi. 😉

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