Strip For Pain: America’s Most Dangerous Gameshow

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This is a live gameshow we created for Burning Angel in 2003 that I also host. It’s been beating and stripping it’s way across bars and nightclubs in the USA for the last 7 years, here is the description from;

In the game Strip For Pain, Male contestants pit their libido against their pain threshold as they are subjugated by three vivacious dancers who “make with the stripping”. As the contestants take more pain, the girls, beautiful strippers and adult film performers, take off their clothes. It’s a wonderland for sadio-masochists as well as voyeurs!

The show is hosted by Burning Angel’s Joanna Angel and Doug Sakmann and featuring live music from Hick, Nick and a Jew and 1/2 (of the dead)!

Strip for Pain has been developed as a nightclub act for the past seven years, as a staple of Burning Angel live promotions. It has whipped, beaten and electrocuted contestants and shocked audience members alike in bars and nightclubs from New York to LA. The show has also become a regular fixture at Adult Conventions across the nation including the AVN/AEE Convention, Exotica LA and Exxxotica NY.

Sponsored by, you can check out live episodes as well as TV Pilots online right now!

The show is so extreme, it’s even been banned in Secacus, NJ!
“I would prefer not to have people who enjoy being whipped and beaten walking around the streets (of Secaucus)”
– Mayor Dennis Elwell (Check out the News Report here)

Strip For Pain – TV Pilot Official Trailer

~ by dougsakmann on January 13, 2010.

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