The 69 Eyes “Dead Girls Are Easy”

The latest video from the Helsinki Vampires ‘The 69 Eyes’, directed by Bam Margera has been released! Backseat producer Nick Esposito worked with Joe Frantz to produce the video and Backseat handled all of the post-production for the video. I was a production coordinator and handled SPFX makeup as well as a portion of the After Effects compositing in post. Off the new album “Back in Blood” Check it out here!

About the project:
For the post on the video, Backseat employed a team of about 10 crew members including graphic artists, AE animators, a motion tracker, 3D animators, and colorists. For the over forty visual effects shots in the video; Backseat conceptualized and created a 3D environment, directed the shooting of various practical elements such as smoke, fire and lights.

~ by dougsakmann on January 13, 2010.

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  1. […] Meet the latest victim of the Post Mortem Pinups, Stacia Eve Paul (she was featured in the 69 Eyes music video we co-produced and the new AKA’s music video I directed). Stacia’s frozen […]

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