Post Mortem Pinups in Girls and Corpses

Check out the coverage on Post Mortem Pinups and interview with me on Girls and Corpses Magazine’s website! Below is an excerpt and the full article and interview can be read here. Article and interview by Nekromagikal.

“Arterial splatter is the money shot in the sexy world of Doug Sakmann and his erotically macabre Post Mortem Pinups. What is Post Mortem Pinups you may be asking?

Post Mortem Pinups is all about discovering beauty in death. Of course it helps that everyone who is represented in the visual death of its art are still sexy enough to insert the flesh trocar that is entering stages of a strange living rigor mortis in the pants of everyone looking at the images Doug has created.

Through the art that is Post Mortem Pinups Doug Sakmann, a man who has enthralled the world with comedic horror porn parodies such as XXXorcist, Re-Penetrator, and Evil Head, has given hope to the sexually repressed as they pass car accidents, accidently stumble upon suicides, and inspire light bulbs as to what to do with the body of their girlfriend after they snuff them from too much bitching.

Post Mortem Pinups is not so much a reflection or commentary on how society detaches and denies its psyche from impending natural death as it serves to remind us that death can be sexy as long as we find the bodies first and redress them in lingerie and make sure that they weren’t fat in the first place. Rolling dead bodies around in flour to find the wet spot isn’t any sexier than if they were alive, especially since in death that wet spot is probably just grave cheese anyway. That’s the necromantic equivalent to a yeast infection and who needs that right?

Post Mortem Pinups is about hot dead chicks, which is exactly how it should be! All dead girls should be sexy, fully dressed in pre or postmortem makeup, and posed in what is to some, very erotic positions. Those “real” world corpses dying in all kinds of gross and unattractive positions just need to take a few community college classes to get it right so they can collapse and rot appropriately. Shakespeare once said that life is all a stage so death should not be any different, get it right!”

Read the full article and interview here

~ by dougsakmann on February 3, 2010.

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