The Burnt House on DVD Now!

The Burnt House, a movie I co-produced and handled all the SPFX for came out on DVD today! Fangoria is doing a contest where you can win copies now, or you can find it in stores or online everywhere! You can also find it on your Netflix queue! Check out the official press release and new trailer for more info, it’s also coming to Blu Ray on July 27th!

Invincible Pictures releases Adam Ahlbrandt’s terrifying horror “The Burnt House” to Blu-Ray DVD

On July 27th 2010, Invincible Pictures will release Adam Ahlbrandt’s horror “The Burnt House,” to Blu-Ray DVD. One of the most frightening Indie films of the year, “The Burnt House” will paralyze you with fear. Not only will the anticipated film be released on Blu-Ray, but it will also be available for audiences everywhere July 6th 2010 on standard DVD.

An Index films Production, “The Burnt House,” is the story of Megan and Joe, a couple who have recently experienced the death of their infant son to SIDS. The tragedy has spawned a rift between the two, and driven Megan into a secret affair. After Joe loses his mother to a heart attack, the couple moves out to Joe’s rural childhood home seeking a fresh start. Once in the isolated home, strange things begin to occur and long kept secrets attempt to dig their way out of the past. What happened on November 3rd? Will it happen again? “The Burnt House,” will leave you on the edge of your seat as you follow the lives of a couple striving to get over their loss while confronting the fear of the unexpected forgotten.

Fans of Metal and Hardcore music will enjoy the film’s soundtrack, which includes original score elements from the metal band Lull (solo project of Mick Harris of Napalm Death fame). The score also includes the bands Cleric (Web of Mimicry) and the noise band Neatherworld.

Lead actor of “The Burnt House” J. D. Brown has also acted in a number of horror films including Fever Dreams’ “Wicked Lake” and “Late Fee.”  In addition to film, Brown fronts the French Hardcore band BERET! who have been featured performers at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Vans Warped Tour. Lead actress Monica Knight (Windcroft, The Roadhouse) was most recently in an official selection of Sundance called “Abbie Cancelled”. The film also features actor Tony Luke Jr. who has been in several major features including 10th And Wolf, Invincible, and his award winning first leading role “The Nail: The Story Of Joey Nardone”.

Tom Ashley, owner of Invincible Pictures, characterizes the film as “not just your typical scary movie, but a film that is both creative and eye grabbing through its terrifying storytelling.” The acclaimed Internet horror site, Fear.Net, described Ahlbrandt’s film as “a poetic nightmare,” due to its chilling plotline. “The Burnt House is my most personal project to date…its an expression of my deepest fears; loss of family, betrayal and infidelity. Instead of following the beaten path, I used a combination of new school horror and classical story telling. I think ‘The Burnt House’ defies typical genre conventions, taking time to develop the characters so it’s that much more powerful when you reach the film’s climax,” says Adam Ahlbrandt on his second directorial debut. His first film “Sight,” which he directed and wrote was released by LionsGate in 2008. Ahlbrandt was also a contract director for Relapse Record, directing several music videos in the extreme metal scene (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Today Is The Day, Burnt By The Sun) and was nominated for best music video of 2004 (Headbangers Ball).

Doug Sakmann, who co-produced with Ahlbrandt and handled all of the SPFX on the film, also has deep roots in both music and horror, having directed a series of slasher films set on the Vans Warped Tour (Punk Rock Holocaust) in which many of the bands die and perform. Sakmann has also produced and directed several music videos, most recently for Nassau Chainsaw and The A.K.A.s (featured on The Burnt House DVD). He describes his time on the set of “The Burnt House,” as always an experience. “I’ve been working with Adam for a number of years now and the brutality of the death scenes he comes up with still never cease to amaze me. Though we’ve worked together to create some horrible situations under intense conditions, the cast and crew are always excited to bring Alhbrandt’s twisted visions to life!”

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