‘The Reunion’ completes Principal Photography!

I recently coordinated and created all the SPFX and Zombies for a new Horror/Zombie/Crime/Drama called ‘The Reunion’ with director/screenwriter Jeff Stewart and writer/executive producer  C.B. Kaczor. I worked with a number of my dear SPFX friends including Marissa Massella, Paul Mafuz, James Brown, Autumn Eget, Josh Potter, Nicole Clavell, Steve Saturn and Fawn Doherty to create over 20 zombies for the movie as well as all the gunshots and various guts spilling!

Check out the first trailer right here!

The movie has been described as “The Wire” meets “Dawn of the Dead” and stars actor Kirk Ponton, Chase Toretto, Ronnie Armani and Raine Brown.  Also featured is adult icon Gina Lynn as well as a few other notable cameos. “The Reunion” is a compelling tale of the human tragedy of a life of crime, followed by redemption and betrayal.  Further pressures are placed on the characters by an unforeseen event, a zombie outbreak.

You can keep up to date at the official website as well as the Facebook group! I hear the movie will be done and ready for screening by January 2011!

Murder, Revenge, Family, Friends, Life, Death, Sex, Drugs, Violence,  Cops, Crooks, Lawyers, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Wives,  Heaven, Hell, God, Devil, Pain, Suffering, Lust, Greed, Redemption, and…ZOMBIES!

~ by dougsakmann on November 11, 2010.

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