Punk Rock Holocaust returns to the 2011 Vans Warped Tour!

Our old friend Kevin Lyman, head of the Warped Tour called us up and asked us to get our school bus back on the road to bring Punk Rock Holocaust to the 2011 tour. How could I say no? It’s always a hell of a time and we get to kill a bunch of people and hang out with our friends across the nation! We made the official announcement yesterday at the Warped Kick off party at the awesome new venue in Brooklyn NY, the House of Vans! We also launched the brand new www.punkrockholocaust.com so check it out! We have a cool interactive contest and are working with Angelo Moore of the punk/ska legends Fishbone, info below!

Fans invited to become Filmmakers and Victims to win prizes!

In 2003, director Doug Sakmann and Backseat Conceptions joined forces with the Vans Warped Tour to create the ultimate mix of a live concert movie and a horror comedy. The result was the cult classic Punk Rock Holocaust.

The original movie played at film festivals & movie theaters, was released on DVD around the world and even spawned a sequel. Amassing a rabid cult following and critical acclaim, Punk Rock Holocaust is a featured film in the Syllabus of the New York University “Punk Cinema” course and the horror series was even featured in a retrospective at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.

Now in 2011, the demonic, pop-punk Executioner will return to the Warped Tour with a new interactive series featuring Angelo Moore of the ska/punk legends Fishbone. Fans will be invited to play both filmmaker and victim in an online contest. On every date of the tour, Participants can shoot video content with their smart phones and can upload it onto PunkRockHolocaust.com for chance to win prizes and even have their footage included in the movie!  Those who want to be in the movie can simply sign up and winners will be selected at random and be invited to be covered in blood with their favorite bands!

All you have to do is sign up at PunkRockHolocaust.com and say what city you will be attending Warped Tour. Filmmakers and Victims will receive instructions VIA email and text message on what to do and where to report!  It’s that easy!

As the tour progresses, official Punk Rock Holocaust segments will be released on the website featuring Warped Tour bands performing live and getting murdered with their fans!  Fans will also be able to vote on their favorite fan-generated videos to see which one gets integrated into series.

About Punk Rock Holocaust 2011

Angelo Moore of Fishbone is hosting his own talk show on the Warped Tour. Along with his field producer Jane, they travel with the tour interviewing bands on a homemade talk show set on a school bus. In their travels, Angelo and Jane discover the kids are turning into mindless zombies after their smart-phones become infected with a strange virus. Also band members who have previously died are now mysteriously playing on the tour. On top of all that the Executioner has returned and is running around killing the bands (sometimes re-killing) in the middle of the zombie chaos. Warped founder Kevin Lyman is once again caught in the middle of the madness, trying to maintain the Summer’s biggest rock fest and keep the Satanic Record Exec Belial at bay ( once again played by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman) amidst the biggest Punk Rock Holocaust yet!

“Doug Sakmann’s lunatic love letter to bloodletting and mosh pitting is (a) big, brash power chord layered across the entire DIY mentality of the music and moviemaking he’s championing. And the results are amazingly insane.”

For more information contact Brian Iglesias at adversaryfilms@gmail.com

~ by dougsakmann on March 26, 2011.

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