Punk Rock Holocaust 3 shooting begins!

We shot most of the performance footage for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 over the two LA area dates on the Warped Tour in Pomona and Ventura as well as killed a few dozen fans! The Executioner has returned! It was good to see Kevin Lyman and the entire Warped production crew, a lot of familiar faces from the first two movies will return for the 3rd installment! We’ll be back on the tour starting on July 21st with our new school bus!

We’ve got support from some amazing sponsors including Cold Steel Knives, the Ultimate Knife and Blade company – who will be providing the Executioner’s weaponry for the movie, as well as Skullcandy, makers of many fine headphones, who will provide gear for the live talk show on the tour with Angelo Moore from Fishbone!

Check out some pictures from the first shoots on the tour:

We will have our first round of entries for the Filmmaker contest on the site soon! Also, don’t forget, you can also create your own death scene for the movie; check out the video below for more info! You can email me direct at doug@backseaconceptions.com with your ideas and the best ones will make it into the movie and you will get a writing credit!

~ by dougsakmann on July 8, 2011.

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