I’m still alive!

Hey Kids!

It’s been awhile since my last update! We survived the Warped Tour with Punk Rock Holocaust 3 (we’ll be releasing a trailer soon and will have some additional shooting in the next few months) and Paranormal Challenge is still showing on the Travel Channel (the 11th episode airs tonight, Friday Sept 9th, you can see me play a sailor who gets his face burned off by a jet engine!)! We also broke a Guinness World Record with the NYC Zombie Crawl for the most zombies on a roller coaster at Dorney Park! We also shot a short horror movie directed by my pal James Brown to be entered into the ABC’s of Horror! I started shooting some new Post Mortem Pinups! And finally, two feature horror movies I co-produced are going to be finished and ready to screen soon, ‘The Cemetery’ and ‘Cross Bearer’ – just in time for Halloween!! Exciting!

We’re gearing up for an insane October with many cool events including our NYC Zombie Crawl on October 16th – will be announcing details soon but it will be in Manhattan! I’m also going to be hosting a number of events in Chicago towards the end of October, more on that soon!

I’ll have some more specific updates on particular projects in the next few weeks, but in the meantime here are a few videos you can check out –

Behind the scenes on Punk Rock Holocaust 3 with Merriweather TV:

Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee at the Dorney Park Zombie Invasion –

Also check out this clip from Paranormal Challenge – La Purisma Mission – I get whipped and have smallpox in the first minute of this clip, and later I play a priest! Backseat provided production services on this show!

With a new friend on the set of ‘The Tapdancer’

~ by dougsakmann on September 9, 2011.

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