In case you missed it…

It happened and it was epic! Halloween season 2011 is over and it was quite a whirlwind tour! After kicking it off right doing SPFX for the feature ‘Deathly Love’ and finishing some shooting for ‘Cross Bearer’ and ‘The Cemetery’ (both of which are finally picture wrapped), I worked a few days at Pennhurst Aslyum, doing SPFX makeup and scaring the hell out of people to get in the mood.

Then I directed a segment for Angelo Moore aka Dr. Maddvibe’s new music video ‘Optimistic Yes’ which features a good and evil Angelo up against each other ripping guts out and vomiting on each other.

Then it was right into the 4th annual NYC Zombie Crawl at which Angelo performed along with our pals Nassau Chainsaw DisGraCeLand Demolition Committee and God’s Green Earth. Check out the full NSFW wrapup at DRIVEN BY BOREDOM. Unfortunately the same night we found out our dear friend Spliff of DisGraCeLand had passed but it only encouraged us to rip shit up harder for him, which we did indeed.

After that I headed to Chicago for the Rise of the Stripping Dead where we performed a Zombie Fetish Sideshow edition of Strip for Pain and made up like 20 stripper zombies four nights in a row. Our friends Miss Crash and Masuimi Max did some epic performances along with new friends Mosh and Narcissister and we bled all over Chicago.

Then I flew back to NY to attend Spliff’s funeral and the DisGraceLand family sent him off right with a memorial reception at Ollie’s Point in Amityville. The it was right back to Chicago for The XXXorcist and Re-Penetrator LIVE shows with Joanna Angel, Tommy Pistol and Pheonix Askani, where we continued to bleed and vomit all over Chicago for a 2nd week.

Then we went back to NYC and did it again at the SMack Halloween Fetish Ball (the same party we premiered Re-Penetrator LIVE back in 2008).

And finally Halloween arrived and I finished off the month with Jagermeister, doing zombie makeup for their float in the NYC Halloween Parade. We ended the night by joining Joanna Angel for an exclusive performance at the Box with midgets and burlesque and things I shouldn’t mention in public. I will say we spent almost $2000 on booze though. (thanks Joanna!)

Of course, I could not have done all of this alone…where do I begin…thanks so much to all the makeup artists who helped out at the NYC Zombie Crawl and in Chicago including Steve Saturn, Jessica Laskaris, Chrisine Conley, Zee Gustafson and countless others…mad props to Zac Amico and Michelle Crouchelli for helping pull together the XXXorcist set in NY while I was out of town…my cloaked partners in crime Nick Danger and Zafer Ulkucu and the lovely Goddess Shea for helping out the whole month through! And to everyone who supported our madness – Michael Stewart and the Beauty Bar, Arlene’s Grocery and the Contentinal, Tim ‘Gravy’ Brown and the Admiral Theater, Sidney Scarlett, Xris Smack, the Jagermeister folks, Pabst Blue Ribbon, ZombieBooth and all of the Burning Angel crew! And finally my DisGraCeLand Family – it was a tough month but Spliff would be proud.

~ by dougsakmann on November 11, 2011.

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