‘Spacecamp’ sketch on Funnyordie.com

I was in LA for a few weeks last month catching up with some old friends and we just got to talking and decided to shoot comedy skit while I was out there. Joanna Angel and Tommy Pistol had been talking about doing something like this for awhile, and once we decided to do it everything just came together. The end result is SPACECAMP! Check it out on Funnyordie.com NOW!

We got some of my pals from the old Troma days involved, Caleb Emerson and Trent Haaga (Rex and Tex Diaper respectively  from Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4, the very goons who gunned me down as a ‘special student’ 13 years earlier). Also involved was Jimi Homeless of the Jimi Homeless Experience as well as my artist friend Tiffany Silver Braun. I had not seen any of these guys in years and it was a great chance to catch up and have some fun!

If we get a good response to it and a lot of people watch it we may just make a regular series of sketches, so check it out and vote ‘FUNNY’ now!

~ by dougsakmann on February 29, 2012.

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