The Street Team – Talk show on a School Bus!

This a project we’ve been working on for over 6 months, it’s been really fun getting back to our roots of live events, shooting a live talk show around the city. We started our company on a school bus so it’s only natural that it would come full circle for our 10 year anniversary as a production company!

Our campaign for Comcast’s Philly in Focus, The Street Team is a promotional talk show which is set on the Backseat Conceptions RV. The RV features a four camera HD talk show set and we have been interviewing people and groups who are doing cool things in Philly. The Street Team is compromised a group of interesting and unique Philadelphians who share the hosting duties, including comedian Chris Cotton, recording artist Nikki Jean, Sous chef/transient Andy Straub, Actress/Stuntwoman Natalie Jean and of course the Cross Bearer, Isaac Williams.

You can check out all our clips on the STREET TEAM channel on, we’re uploading new clips every day, we’ve shot over 200 segments and have more on the way! If you like the clips and want to see more of these, please share, tweet, embed and post on all your social networking websites by using the direct links or the dialogue on the Philly In Focus site so we can make more!! The more shares we get the more shows we can produce for you to enjoy!

Check out this clip with breaking news from Lloyd Kaufman and Troma on the new Nuke Em High movie!

Check out some of this week’s highlights:

Live musical performances on the Backseat Bus:

Scareho performs their hit song “Run” acoustically!

The Circadian Rhythms play Aperture #1 at the Pabst Craft Fair!

Peek-A-Boo Revue shows us their goods:

Get intimate with Joey Martini!

Lulu Lollipop and Cherry Bomb talk business!

Get frisky with the Peek-A-Boo Revue girls!

And congratulations to the Peek-A-Boo gang on taking home the 2012 Miss Exotic World award for ‘Best Burlesque Troupe’!

New funny business from Center City Comedy:

John Nunn tells you why he is still single!

Lisa Yost kisses girls and tells us about it!

Kevin Ryan storms off the set!

More action from the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention:

An overview of the 2012 event with founder Troy Timpel!

And more clips of the beautiful tattooed Ladies and Gents of the Philly Tattoo Con!


Joseph A. Gervasi talks Exhumed Films and Horror!

~ by dougsakmann on June 12, 2012.

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