Motion City Soundtrack’s “True Romance” Music Video Released!

Check out the awesome new music video that I produced with Backseat Conceptions for Deadhorse Films and Epitaph Records!  Motion City Soundtrack’s “True Romance” directed by Jesse Cain is the 2nd single off their new album “Go” which was just released! This is Backseat’s 2nd MCS music video, we teamed with Deadhorse, Jesse Cain and his collaborator Ben Fries in 2009 on the “Disappear” music video.

The video is mind-bending, it’s one 3 and 1/2 minute long shot!  It took us awhile to wrap our heads around it and we produced it! We’ll let explain:

“Y’all. We need to borrow your brains. We just watched Motion City Soundtrack’s “True Romance” video three times in a row — because we’re slow on the uptake sometimes. It’s kind of like “Inception,” a movie that took us about three viewings to even partially begin to comprehend, but with guitars and tattoos and less gravitas and ego and overacting. We don’t want to spoil the video’s twist — all we’ll say is that singer Justin Pierre’s mind is sharper than ours, as evidenced by the part in the video where he Jedi mind-tricks a bike.”

Check out the video on NOW!

Motion City Soundtrack “True Romance”

Starring: Shaun Paul Costello, Bridgette Harper and Julianna White
Directed by Jesse Cain and Ben Fries
Produced and coordinated by Doug Sakmann
Co-produced by Nick Esposito
Steady Cam Operator: Jeff Melanson
AC: Trinity Greer
Assistant Director: Ben Hammock
2nd AD: Doug Spangenberg
Asst. Coordinator: Leilani Goode
Gaffer: Zafer Ulkucu
Grip: James Madison
Makeup: Niki Brennan
Wardrobe: Lauren Rothery
Art Director: Noah Grant Levine
Set Dresser: Taryn Jones
Playback: Isaac Williams
PAs: Natalie Jean, Carlton Lester, Wes Mahon, Harry Mendez, Joe Cap, Ashley Wood Tiner, Joe Gariffo, Loren Lepre, Vince Wallace

~ by dougsakmann on June 16, 2012.

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