‘The Cemetery’ and ‘Cross Bearer’ trailers premiere on Fangoria!

Two feature horror films that I co-produced and did the SPFX for with Backseat Conceptions and Adversary Films have their world premiere trailers on Fangoria.com right now! The movies “The Cemetery” and Cross Bearer” are written and directed by Adam Ahlbrandt (The Burnt House, Sight). You can find out more on the Adversary Films website right now.

Check out the trailers on Fangoria at the links below but beware they are very gory!
‘Cross Bearer’ Premiere Trailer
‘The Cemetery’ Premiere Trailer

In ‘Cross Bearer’, A group of strippers looking to score big with a drug deal soon find themselves hunted by a hammer wielding maniac.

In “The Cemetery”, A team of paranormal investigators must fight for their lives after accidentally releasing a demon from a forgotten cemetery.

Crossbearer_1_23 352

We’ll be appearing at horror conventions and festivals across the US and internationally in the next 6 months with the films, and they will be released on DVD very soon! Watch out!


~ by dougsakmann on June 20, 2012.

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