Bride of the Stripping Dead in Chicago

So I went out to Chicago this October to work with my friends at the Admiral Theater on the 3rd annual Stripping Dead event, ‘Bride of the Stripping Dead’! It’s always a good time, I coordinate a makeup team to turn all the strippers, staff and security into the undead for 2 nights and the show is host to some of the most bizarre and extreme performance art, burlesque and sideshow type acts I have ever seen! Thanks to the Admiral Theater in Chicago and Tim Brown for having me out! Much thanks to our Zombie Makeup Crew; Zee Gustafson, Jessica Laksaris, Jen Johnson, Justine Losoya & Michelle Adams! Also, thanks to all the performers, which are credited below! Check out the video for a taste of the madness!

Bride of the Stripping Dead starring:
Voltaire – Mosh – Sin Fisted – Mark the Knife – Miss Ammunition – Maya Sinstress – The Scooty and Jo-Jo show

Check it all out at

~ by dougsakmann on November 15, 2012.

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