Summer 2013 Update!

Hey kids! It’s been quite awhile since my last update, been doing a lot of traveling, live events and general insanity so here are some links to keep up-to-date on my goings on:

– We’ve been doing the convention and film festival circuit with ‘Cross Bearer‘ and ‘The Cemetery‘ – next up is Days of the Dead in Indianapolis (July 5-7) and Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Kentucky (July 26-28). Click the movie names to links to the official sites with info on the screenings.

– I returned to the Cannes Film Festival with Troma Entertainment to ‘Occupy Cannes‘ and promote the new Troma flick, ‘Return to Nuke Em High: Vol 1’ which I worked on last year. It was my first time back full force with the Troma Team at Cannes in many years and it felt like I never left! Professional insanity at it’s finest, we garnered press from all over the world from our promotional antics on the French Riveria, much of which you can see here!

– While at Cannes, I also repped our Backseat Conceptions 2013 catalog (which you can check out here), we sold ‘Cross Bearer‘ and ‘The Cemetery‘ to Germany with Illusions Unltd. and have quite a few more deals in the works for many of our flicks!

– We had our 7th annual NYC Zombie Crawl springtime edition in Brooklyn which was a great success! Thanks to all the zombies and participating groups, you can see the full wrap up HERE! While in France we also teamed up with the Cannes Zombie Walk and did a French Zombie Crawl as well, you can see photos and press HERE!

– I started directing and producing a series of live event videos for Pabst Blue Ribbon called ‘All Access Pabst’ , you can check out the videos on the AAP Youtube page!

– We’re working on finishing up ‘Punk Rock Holocaust 3‘, our pal Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) did some amazing poster art which was colored by Cabz – more on this coming soon!

– The NYC Zombie Crawl has been producing a series of ‘Zombie Raves with Webster Hall, the next being on July 3rd – more info at

I don’t know when the next time I will get to update the site this summer but if you keep up with the links above you can see what I’m up to – also my Facebook page and Twitter is updated more regularly!

Until we bleed again…

Cannes2013 349
The Cannes Troma Army in Full Effect Occupying Cannes!

Cannes2013 348
Sgt Kabukiman NYPD returns to France!

Cannes2013 347
With the Kaufman family – Lloyd’s daughters Charlotte and Lisbeth joined the Troma Team to produce the ‘Occupy Cannes’ documentary!

Cannes Zombies unite with the NYC Zombie Crawl!
The amazing Punk Rock Holocaust 3 poster!!

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