Fall 2014 Update – Mad Zombies Yo!

It’s been over a year since I have updated this site and a lot has happened since! As always I’ve hosted a ton of zombie events (the next one being this Saturday Oct 11th) and we’re now in our 8th year with the NYC Zombie Crawl.  We’ve made some movies, TV shows, music videos and more and I will update this site when I can but for now you can keep up to date in 2 main places – the NYC Zombie Crawl website and our new website for my production company Backseat Conceptions (we’re getting into our 13th year as a company!) We’ve got tons of new production services, some cameras and equipment for rent and of course our trademark, The Backseat Bus.

Until I get a chance to update more, I’ll leave you with some zombie videos from our events over the last year, shot by our official videographer Rollersteady who shoots while on rollerblades!

Coney Island Zombie Day with the Brooklyn Cyclones

Spring 2014 NYC Zombie Crawl in Brooklyn

Drop Dead Goregeous Beauty Pageant at Beauty Bar NYC

Fall 2013 NYC Zombie Crawl in Manhattan

~ by dougsakmann on October 8, 2014.

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