About Doug Sakmann


Contact: DougSakmann@gmail.com 

After a three-year stint as production manager for the legendary B-Movie house Troma Entertainment, in 2002 Doug co-Founded Backseat Conceptions, a production company with roots in live promotions. In 2003, Doug directed his first feature, “Punk Rock Holocaust“. The movie, a horror comedy set on the Vans Warped Tour saw a wide release both theatrically and on DVD in the U.S and around the world. The movie spawned a sequel as well as a third movie now in post-production. Through these movies and his work at Troma, Doug built a reputation in the horror community and has been sought out to direct and produce many horror themed movies and projects. Doug has produced over 18 feature films and directed many music videos, shorts and viral campaigns. Sakmann’s movies have screened as official selections of film festivals around the world, and most have had theatrical runs  as well as a wide DVD release. Amassing a rabid cult following and critical acclaim, the original Punk Rock Holocaust is a featured film in the Syllabus of the New York University “Punk Cinema” course and was even featured in a retrospective at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. In addition to producing and directing, Doug has over 12 years experience as a SPFX artist. In 2007 Doug founded the NYC Zombie Crawl an organization which sets up zombie themed events in the NY Area as well as provides zombie SFX makeup for clients and nationally touring acts. Doug has personally created & coordinated zombie makeup and events for clients including Sony Pictures, SEGA, the Tribeca Film Festival, “The Today Show” on NBC, Simon and Schuster and Penguin Putnam.

Between his many projects, Sakmann is also working on a series of Post-Mortem photography called POST-MORTEM PINUPS, featuring various “femme fatales in fatal positions”. Sakmann creates all the SFX and photographs the models personally. The series is available now as a number of limited edition prints and a calendar and a book is now in development.

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